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The annual club AGM

17/04/2020 - Club News

The annual club AGM will be held virtually at 12:00 on Saturday the 25th April 2020

You will need to have Microsoft Teams to join

The AGM is for all members to attend and take part in the running of the club and make sure your voice is heard
Members are invited to submit motions for the meeting, duly supported and seconded, to arrive asap, please note to keep the meeting flowing, only motions submitted prior will be under discussion, and we will have a separate events meeting so events and trips do not need to be discussed at the AGM

Motions may be submitted by email or by posting in the event comments on facebook. Link


  • Refreshments (at your desk) and chat
  • Welcome (chair)
  • Apologies for absence (Secretary)
  • Minutes of the previous AGM (Secretary)
  • Chairpersons Report – Sophie Hughes
  • Treasurers Report – Boris Hurinek
  • Secretary’s Report - James Ramsden
  • Mention of Cambridgeshire Community Foundation / Highways England A14 funding grant (chair)
  • Discussion of motions
  • Committee members and officers reports
  • Election of Officers
  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Any Other Business

NB Positions opening for the committee may be submitted as motions via the facebook group

Look forward to seing you there