Saturday Morning Paddles

Saturday morning paddles start from the base at 9.30am, see Where Is The Club. Local streams and rivers offer a wide range of routes with varying levels of difficult, these range from 4km to 14km in length. To ensure variety and to suit the experience of the group and weather conditions the exact route taken is decided on the day.

To join the paddles, you need to be an active member of the club and have completed the British Canoeing Discover award (or 1 Star award) or have equivalent paddling ability.  

The club is able to provide all the kayaking and safety equipment.

You should wear comfortable clothes you don’t mind getting wet, ideally quick drying, with additional layers for colder days. You may want to bring a bottle of drink, towel and extra clothes to change into after the paddle. As it gets colder, you will see some members in drysuits, however many members paddle without them throughout the winter so please do not feel that you need to acquire one. 

Club Nights

Our club meeting times are on Wednesday evenings for our main coaching and social paddles during the Summer moving to Pool sessions on Sunday nights in the winter, and throughout the year we meet on Saturday mornings for a local river paddle (paddlers that have mastered the basics are welcome to join in).
On a Wednesday night we may go for a short local paddle or stay at the base for ad-hoc coaching and general socialising
Saturdays are a longer paddle in the local area, generally starting from the club base

Taster Sessions

We run taster sessions indoors in the winter and outdoors in the summer, these are advertised on our facebook page and at the park


We do several white water trips throughout the year, our regular trips include the Rivers Tryweryn and Dee in North Wales, Symonds Yat, the Dart, the Usk, and many other UK rivers. We are regulars at various man-made whitewater courses like Lee Valley, Holme Pierrepont, Nene White Water centre (Northampton Active) etc. We try and have a progressive programme of introductory white water paddling starting with learning flat water basics and moving on experience white water at Cardington, then to an intro to paddling white water course, before progressing to rivers such as Matlock or playing at Symonds Yat.
We attend several mass paddling events per year such as the flatwater Doggy Paddle and the white water Tyne Tour
On Sundays in the Summer we will sometimes be found playing in the mill race at Houghton and regularly take part in group paddles further afield in the Eastern Region

Pool sessions

When we move to the pool sessions on Sundays these focus on learning skills in the warm and clean water of an indoor swimming pool. These include but are not limited to preventing capsize and what to do in the event of capsize including paddle rolls and basic self and group rescues.
To book on a pool session please see the xxxxx section link, members sessions cost £7 and non-members £10, there are boats, decks and paddles at the pool available to borrow, if you want to bring your own kit please ensure it is clean and rinse out any fabrics after the session to prevent chlorine deterioration.
We have the pool booked for an hour, which is divided into two half hour sessions, each session can take 12 paddlers, but we may limit numbers when coaching
Normal pool sessions are aimed at independent paddlers and we aim to buddy you up with a swimmer either another paddler or coach so you can focus on practising and not worry about having to come out of the boat or emptying your boat out


We run some social events throughout the year where non-paddling partners and family are also welcome