Our Location

Our compound is situated within Hinchingbrooke Country Park between one of the lakes and Alconbury Brook.  

It is from this location that we launch both our mid-week paddles on the lake (Wednesdays and the odd Thursday) and our Saturday Paddles on the river.  

Alconbury Brook connects us to the local River Great Ouse.  

Our Facilities

On site, we also have two changing rooms – male, and female.  

Please note: unfortunately we do not have a toilet within our compound, and the nearest one is back at the country park visitors center.  



Our Address

Hinchingbrooke Country Park Watersports Centre
Brampton Road
PE29 6DB


How to find us

Our clubhouse is shown on the map to the right as 'Watersports Centre'. Club members either park in the Country Park carpark, or, along Bromholme Lane.  

If Parking in the Carpark

Follow the paths down to the Visitors Centre and Café and continue past with the Countryside Centre on your left. Just past the Countryside Centre take the path to your left through some trees (you are looking for a sign post, and to follow the signs saying ‘Chestnut Avenue’ and ‘Nuns Bridge’).  

A little way down this path it will bend to the right at the same time as a new path goes off to the left – stay right and head towards a ‘Caution, Deep Water’ Sign. This path will bend to the left and you will be on Chestnut Avenue. Follow this path, with Alconbury Brook on your right, until you come across a small bridge, over the brook, to your right. Over this bridge, you will find the club. 

For those bringing their own boat, we highly recommend using a boat trolley/wheels. Please be mindful of other park users. 

If parking on Bromholme Lane 

Cross Huntingdon Road (there is a crossing island close by Bromholme Lane) and enter into the Country Park via a gate (if you have your back to Bromholme Lane, then the gate is to the left of the crossing island). The clubhouse is on the opposite bank of the lake to where you are now. Follow the path around to the right, hugging the lake on your left and after a short walk around the lake, you will come towards the club. Alconbury Brook will be on your right and the back of the club compound in front of you. Walk past the club compound around to the front.  

Many club members bringing their own boat will carry it across the road, into the park, and then paddle it across the lake to the club.   


Lake Use

Please note that, outside of club use the lake is not permitted to be used for any form of water sport, including kayaking/canoeing/sup-ing or swimming.