The Committee

Chair - Jonathan Chell

Club Chair, Kayaker, Paddleboarder

I started kayaking in my teens. In my twenties work, marriage, and many other hobbies took over. However, I was able to return to the water in 2020 when I joined HCC and I haven’t looked back. My passion is to see other people introduced to paddle sports and safely enjoying the amazing waterways we have all around us.

Favourite cake: A mystery to all who know him

Jonathan Chell

Secretary - Jessica Comber-Chaney

Club Secretary. Kayaker, Canoeist, SUPer, Runner, Climber, Cyclist, Swimmer.

Did a first stint of Kayaking with Viking Kayak club in Bedford. Came back to it all about ten years later with Huntingdon Canoe Club. Only really do flat water, and river touring at present, but hoping to do white water in the future. Looking to get leadership and coaching qualifications in the future to help new people enjoy the water.

Its 50:50 whether you will find me in a Kayak, or on a paddleboard (well, as of 2023).

If you email the club, chances are, I will respond.

Favourite cake: Pizza. (that is a cake right?)

Samantha Ahern

Treasurer - Boris Hurinek
Club Treasurer. BCU 3*.

I started kayaking at the age of 12 and, after a long break, joined the club and has been an active member for almost 10 years. I aim to paddle every Saturday morning (9.30am from the club base) and enjoy going t
o white water centres nearby or trips to Wales.

I am also a qualified scuba diver (PADI Advanced and Deep diver) and have a black belt in Tang Soo Do (Korean martial art).

Favourite cake: Steak, medium rare please.

Boris Hurinek


British Canoeing qualified Coaches

Dave Walton

Sophie Walton
Level 2 Coach, paddler of kayak, canoe and SUP. Best sort of paddling = with friends. Former Vice Chair

Thought I would join the club to learn how to paddle for a couple of weeks before buying inflatable canoe for £29.99.

Favourite cake: Chocolate.

Sophie Walton

James Ramsden

Paddlesport Instructor, kayaker and canoeist. Former Chair

Happy on any type of river or lake.

Somewhat of a latecomer to paddling.

Favourite cake: Carrot.

James Ramsden

British Canoeing qualified Leaders

Les Wood
4* (Whitewater Leader), Whitewater & Sea Kayaking.

Started paddling when I was a teenager but had a break for about 30 ish years.

Started paddling again back 2016 after my younger daughter got me out on the water again.

Favourite cake: BBQ Pizza.

Les Wood

Club Volunteers

Phil Mackie

I began paddling when I was in Scouts more than 25 years ago and after a long hiatus I re-started paddling with Huntingdon Canoe Club around 5 years ago.

The club has provided me with great opportunities to progress at my own pace whether through weekly sessions on local rivers and in the pool and on trips to other parts of the country.

Favourite cake: Ginger.



Phil Mackie

Paddlesports Instructor

Samantha Ahern

Kayaker and reluctant canoeist. Sometimes SUPer. #ShePaddles Club Champion, Clear Access Clear Waters lead. Former Secretary

Predominantly flat water but hoping to do more moving water.

Started paddling about early 2016. Had paddling a couple of times before.
Can often be spotten on 2 wheels as a volunteer ride leader for British Cycling, also fond of mountains.

Favourite cake: Carrot.

Samantha Ahern