How to Start Paddling

We are a very friendly club, always eager to welcome new members to the club, irrespective of experience. We have qualified coaches and leaders across a variety of crafts (kayak, canoe, soon-to-be SUP), and a variety of water (flat, white water, etc.) who can teach, coach, and help you learn and improve to varying levels. The club can also look to put you in touch with other specialist training providers if the club leaders are unable to help. We can supply most of the basic kit you will need to learn to paddle including boats, buoyancy aids, paddles, spray decks, helmets, etc. 

All prospective new members regardless of experience, skill, or certification will generally be asked to pre-book and attend a new members session, or a full intro course (if/when they are run). All prospective new members are welcome to pop down to the club on a Wednesday evening (summer) to have a chat with us, but outside of a pre-booked new members session, we will not be able to get you on the water.  

For novices or those with little experience, we may start you on what is called a sit-on-top kayak, but traditional sit-in kayaks are also available. If you wish to paddle a canoe, please let us know this when booking a new members session and we can discuss this with you. In the future, we may offer stand-up paddleboarding coaching/sessions. 

For those with experience and/or certification, a new member session allows our coaches and leaders to assess your skill levels and ascertain whether you can paddle with us on our longer river trips. This allows us to cover our risk assessments and health & safety requirements. You are more than welcome to bring your own boat to this session. 

We, as a club, do accept under-18s onto new member sessions, but we ask that a responsible adult is in attendance at all times. This can be on the water with them, or from the bank. For our river sessions or trips, a responsible adult must accompany any under 18s.  

In the Spring, we run new members' sessions indoors at Huntingdon One Leisure swimming pool. In the summer (May to September) we run new members' sessions outdoors at our base.  

All new member sessions are run on the first Wednesday of the month (Summer), and usually the first Sunday of the month (Winter/Spring). All are (or will be) advertised in the Events section of the website found at the bottom of the homepage.

Additional membership information and guidelines can be found on our Membership Information page and additional information about our facilities can be found on our Where We are Page. If there are any concerns, questions, or requests, please contact the club secretary via the contact us form.