Info for new members

New applicants must have completed a taster session or a full beginner's course and been approved by the session coach before joining the club.

Once you have joined Huntingdon Canoe Club, you will be able to access our Members Only Facebook Group.

If you have any questions about membership, please click here to contact the Membership Secretary

Membership details

Annual membership is for twelve months from your date of joining.

Membership Fees

1st Member:

2nd Family Member:

Additional Family Members:

(£35 for BC Members)


£5.00 each



Membership Benefits

  1. Insured while on club trips and events via British Canoeing
  2. Members events & Socials
  3. Members trips
  4. Members only pool sessions
  5. Use of club kit
  6. Access to Members Facebook group, to see events, get advise etc
  7. Access to coached sessions